Local Affordable Housing Program Initiatives

The Inclusionary Zoning (IZ) and Affordable Housing program(s) are a market-based strategy to create mixed-use communities by incorporating affordable housing units into market-rate developments. This policy varies from city to city and is sometimes called something different, like Mixed-Income Housing or Moderate-Income Housing. When implemented, the program requires a certain percentage of affordable units in new developments.

The following cities in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area participate in an inclusionary zoning program or use an adapted inclusionary zoning policy:
• Minneapolis
• Bloomington
• Edina
• Richfield
• St. Louis Park

Affordable Housing Connections, Inc. has been designated as the agent to perform certain compliance monitoring functions by these Sub allocators:
• City of Minneapolis
• City of Edina

Minneapolis Inclusionary Zoning

Guided by the Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan, inclusionary zoning aims to create mixed income communities by requiring affordable units within new housing developments throughout the Period of Affordability (POA).

Edina Affordable Housing Program

Properties developed using financing from the City of Edina are subject to specific rules designed to ensure that affordability pledges made by owners and developers remain available to very low and low income tenants (30% to 60% of Area Median Income) throughout the required Period of Affordability (the POA).

New to local affordable housing programs?

Your goal is to rent a specific number of units at an affordable price to “moderately low-income,” “low-income,” or “very low-income” households. To accomplish this, you need to know the rent limit that determines affordable rent and the income limit that defines a low and very low-income household. Next, you want to ensure that the household has signed the required documentation and that you have appropriately verified and documented income and assets. In addition, you are required to report the status of your property to AHC on an annual basis.

AHC is here to educate and guide you through this process! Our monitoring efforts are meant to assist property managers and owners by providing insight into performance and recommendations for program implementation improvement.

Affordable Housing Forms & Guides

Minneapolis Affordable Housing Program Contact Information and Manuals

Haley Cramer
Minneapolis Inclusionary Zoning

505 Fourth Ave. S., Room 320
Minneapolis, MN 55415

Email: InclusionaryZoning@minneapolismn.gov

Frequently Asked Questions

Edina Affordable Housing Program Contact Information and Manuals

Stephanie Hawkinson
Edina Affordable Housing Program

Affordable Housing Division
4801 W. 50th St.
Edina, MN 55424

Email: shawkinson@edinamn.gov

Frequently Asked Questions