Introducing the Three-Part Tax Credit Compliance Specialist (TCCS) Course for 2024

Amongst many industries, the housing industry has seen many challenges over the last few years that brought a new level of difficulty to affordable housing management.  Staff turnover is at an all-time high, making training a critical need.  Now that we have settled into a post-Covid world, Affordable Housing Connections Education Leadership Center (AHC ELC) is excited to announce that we will be offering our Tax Credit Compliance Specialist (TCCS) course again.  This certification has been developed to assist management professionals in their efforts to comply with the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program.  The course content is regularly updated to include industry hot topics such as NSPIRE, Average Income Set-Aside and HOTMA updates.

The TCCS course is designed for those that are new to LIHTC compliance requirements while also serving as a comprehensive review for more experienced staff.  AHC ELC requires a minimum of six months of tax credit management employment experience to obtain the TCCS credential.  Do you have staff members that don’t quite have six months of experience yet?  No problem, you aren’t alone! Those with less will be awarded candidate status until the requirement is met.

AHC ELC’s nationally certified trainers are here to help your team bounce back by providing this valuable credential that will increase their LIHTC compliance competency.  The TCCS course will be offered online, covering site-level compliance requirements and preparation for the TCCS Certification Exam.  The course is delivered over a two day period and broken into three sections:

  • TC-101 LIHTC Basics & Unit Eligibility – Program Overview; key participants, timeframes, components and concepts; unit eligibility and special rules; determining income and rent limits; setting rents
  • TC-102 Certifying the Household – Pre-screening and interviews; verifications; eligible members and full-time student households; calculating income; completing the TIC; leases
  • TC-103 Continuing Compliance – Change of household composition; recertification; records; reports and inspections; preventing/responding to non-compliance findings

Following the three sections of the course, an exam will be offered to those seeking the credentials of a Tax Credit Compliance Specialist (TCCS).  The exam is a timed ‘open-book’ format consisting of 75 multiple-choice questions.  The exam is included in the course pricing but is not required.  Those who choose not to take the exam for the TCCS credential will receive a certificate of attendance.    

Have you ever attended a training course and walked away feeling overwhelmed?  We have you covered!  Each section of the TCCS course includes a course guide for you to refer to at any time.  Our trainers will take their time to answer any questions that arise during the course to ensure everyone is prepared to implement what they learn into their daily workload.  And the best part?  AHC ELC doesn’t just disappear after the training is over.  While you will be equipped with the resources needed to find answers to nearly any question you may have, AHC ELC is always here to assist you with finding those answers.  Whether it be a simple confirmation that you’ve got it right or guidance to find the answers that aren’t so black and white, AHC ELC is here for you!

Register today for either the January 16-17 or February 6-7 course offering.

See our full calendar of courses here.

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