AHC is a leader in compliance monitoring and provides due diligence reviews and compliance reporting, and monitoring systems services to local governments, housing authorities, Minnesota Housing, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

Our workload is statewide throughout Minnesota and includes nearly 40,000 units subject to federal, state, or local affordable housing restrictions. AHC also provides educational programs and technical assistance to owners and property managers on a variety of funding sources used to develop or preserve income and rent-restricted housing.

These include Sec. 42 Low Income Housing Tax Credits, the HUD HOME Program, Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG), Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP), and FDIC Affordable Housing Program.

We also support local affordability programs, including the Edina Affordable Housing Program and the Minneapolis Inclusionary Zoning program. AHC staff are highly trained and hold national certifications such as SHCM, HCCP, HUD HOME, and local TCCS.

Government Agency Program Support

  • Policy and new program development
  • Compliance Management and Information Systems
  • Program project and tenant data gathering, compliance monitoring, and reviews of progress toward Housing Assistance Plan goals
  • Guidance support to property owners and managers

Program Compliance Support Services

  • Administrative documents review (mini-MOR)
  • Tenant file reviews
  • Property and unit inspections
  • Coaching and guidance on Program Compliance Manual requirements

Developers, Management Companies, and Lenders

  • Due diligence reviews for project preservation or resyndication
  • Customized instruction for a specific project or program compliance

Our Education and Leadership Center offers educational courses that incorporate testing and certification for content mastery. Compliance with ever-changing complex program requirements means that management company staff need to be experts in the programs they administer for owners.

Our staff constantly upgrades our educational course content to prepare managers to be successful in program compliance outcomes and to earn national program certifications.