Affordable Housing Continuing Education

Education Leadership Center

The leading source of affordable housing education and certification in Minnesota.

The AHC Education and Leadership Center (ELC) offers educational courses that incorporate testing and certification for content mastery as well as courses on single topics such as Fair Housing and various aspects of Annual Compliance reporting. Our ELC collaboration with Hamline University focuses on diversity and skills enhancement for the next generation of industry leaders through the Leadership in Affordable Housing Certificate (LAHC).

We also offer continuing education courses on specific topics for property managers and those new to working with AHC or affordable housing.

Fair Housing Information Sessions

We are excited to offer a free session about the history of the Fair Housing Act, the law as it stands today, renter rights, landlord responsibilities, and the future of fair housing.

For property owners and management staff

For renters

Preparing for Your Site Visit

We will walk you through how to prepare for a successful site visit. From file reviews to physical inspections, this course prepares you for the full process.

Regional Manager Seminar

We will discuss the roles of Regional Managers, problem areas, and performance concerns, and use examples from your portfolio to review key governing documents and compliance reports. We'll review key compliance concepts for projects associated with LIHTC and examine key program differences if a LIHTC project also has HOME or Section 8 support.

First Year Projects or New to AHC

Whether you are new to AHC or you are opening a new project, join us to learn what the reporting and compliance process looks like for projects in year 1 through year 30+.

The two-hour session will be offered starting in December 2023.

Extended Use Period (EUP)

What happens to your project when it enters the Extended Use Period? This course will inform you of all the changes that occur when entering the EUP.

The one-hour session will be offered starting in 2024.


Learn tips and tricks on how to complete the Consolidated Housing Annual Reporting Tool (CHART), which is required for all LIHTC and HOME projects reporting to AHC.

PY23 CHART Training is a half day session and will be offered:

December 12, 2023
December 19, 2023
January 9, 2024